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Welcome to Bedlam !

We are a guild that started in EQ2 as a raiding guild, however, as a group, we've run the gamut on MMO's. While there's a core of us that have played together for several years, we're extremely open to accepting new people and including them in groups/raids/etc.We're a low drama, fun, helpful group.

Feel free to hit our "Forums" area or contact  one of us in game for more information on how to join Bedlam and become part of a tight knit guild team who know how to play MMORGs.

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Vent runs $25 a month - please feel free to donate here to help with the cost of Vent. Whether it's a dollar or a whole month's worth, every donation helps! Thanks :)
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Join the Insanity!

Bedlam is an EQ2 guild that has been around quietly since 2006.
We are a laid back group of people who enjoy raiding, grouping and questing.

Asylum News ....    

Finally ... Kraytoc's, Throne, Temple EM ...all on farm!

Lisabethy, Oct 6, 11 8:36 AM.
Great job everyone in getting us to this point! EM is now on farm and we'll be focusing on getting HM down :)


And Throne of Storms EM bites the dust!

Lisabethy, Jul 31, 11 1:16 AM.
Yay ! King Tormax finally bit the big one :)  Another zone down!
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